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Foreword for the Presentation of the Aviation Management MM-MBA Program .

Talking Paper

Ladies and gentlemen, very good morning and good afternoon to all of you,

Yang terhormat bapak Samudera Sukardi, Ibu Yeshika, Prof Jenni , Dr Mukes Pandey and all of participants of this event,

I hope we all stay in a good  health amidst this very difficult situation in the midle of pandemic covid 19

Thank you for the presence of all ladies and gentlemen, we  meet again at the presentation of the Aviation Management MM-MBA Program, a collaboration between  Universitas Indonesia and Coventry University UK.    An educational program that is very important for all of us.

Ladies and gentlemen,

In 2007 I was assigned by the President of the Republic of Indonesia to lead the National Team for Transportation Safety and Security Evaluation, following so many transportation accidents, especially aircraft accidents.    Such was the bad image of Indonesian aviation at that time, so the President felt the need to form a team at the national level to deal with this problem.   I lead a team of 7 experts assisted by several officers staff from the Ministry of Transportation. The number of aircraft accidents  even lowered the aviation authority of the Republic of Indonesia into the category 2  countries assessed by the FAA, the Federal Aviation Administration.

Category 2 FAA is a group of countries deemed incapable to comply with international aviation safety standards as determined by ICAO, the International Civil Aviation Organization. For a group of countries that meet the international civil aviation safety requirements, the ICAO standard is referred  as a category 1.  What a polluting and embarrassing position for Indonesia at that case.

By working hard for approximately 9 month, the National  Team for Transportation Safety and Security Evaluation has succeeded in successfully reducing the rate of transportation accidents in Indonesia,  particularly aircraft accidents. When presenting the work, the final result of the Team directly to the President, President was very satisfied and immediately ordered that all the recommendations of the  Team must be implemented. This instruction implies that Team must involve in the Ministry of Transportation to carry it out in daily basis. As Chairman of the  Team, because I was not willing to become as Minister of Transportation, simply because I am more senior than the President as a graduate of the military academy. He was graduate in 1973 as an army officer, and I was from the class of 1971 as an air force .    So, I was asked to appoint one of the Team members to be nominated as Minister of Transport. That is why I then proposed that Mr. Jusman S.D be assigned as Minister of Transportation.

 Ladies and Gentlemen,

In the last twenty years, amidst the rapid progress of the national aviation, competent human resources are very limited. That is what causes a lot of mismanagement  was happen in our aviation industry . Several things that are the overcapacity at several aerodrome. The excess capacity  even then broke through to using  Military or Air  Force Bases to be able to overcome it.

A thing that reflects the low quality of our human resources in managing the airport as an open area for public services that is forced to use the Air Force Base  which is a  restricted  area  and of course greatly disrupts the daily jobs of the Air Force it self.

The number of airplane accidents that occur is evident , that we are really lack personnel who are competent in aviation management. Inspectors at the Ministry of Transport are not only lacking in number but also lacking in the quality they carry.

Lucky, In the past 10 years, Indonesia has succeeded in working hard in improving the quality of national aviation management, so that since 2017 we have been able to re-enter the category 1  of FAA assessment, which means we already have the ability to meet the requirements of International Civil Aviation Safety Regulation as defined by ICAO.  Even in the latest ICAO audit, Indonesia was declared as a country whose aviation safety level has reached  “above global average”.  a very proud achievement, of course, which proves that Indonesia has world-class capabilities in Aviation.

After serving as a ledaer of the National Team for Transportation Safety and Security Evaluation,  together with the late Prof. Priyatna Abdurrasjid,  bapak Samudera Sukardi and Edwin Soedarmo, I started to establish a consulting agency in the field of aviation which in its development became an institution known as CSE Aviation Consulting. This institution is committed to working together with national aviation stakeholders to work hand in hand to improve the quality of the aviation in Indonesia, especially in Training and Education aspect. CSE then took the initiative to bring Coventry University together with the Universitas Indonesia so that they could collaborate and organize a joint MM MBA program in aviation.

Thank God, finally,  after working hard for about 2 years, this program was successfully signed jointly between  Universitas Indonesia and Coventry University UK on March 22, 2019 which was witnessed directly by the British Ambassador to Indonesia at that time HE Moazzam Malik and the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and business, Universitas Indonesia Prof. Ari Kuncoro  and myself as the Chairman of CSE Aviation Consulting.  I never forget the day, because March 22 is my wife’s birthday, my Bos.

By the way, This  is a Join degree MM – MBA program specifically in the  aviation management. A special program and also for the first time program in Indonesia to answer the many problem of the Indonesian aviation  as well as to meet the future global aviation challanges.

Why we choose  Universitas Indonesia and Covenrty University.  The answer is  because the prestigious credibility of the two universities.    As  a matter of fact, Universitas Indonesia is one of the leading university  and is widely well known abroad. Coventry University,  is an Education Institute that has long been in the field of aviation business management in Europe and around the world. When we talk about commercial aviation that has only started to develop since the discovery of the first aircraft by Wright Brothers in 1903, then the leading country of the aviation world are  US America and European Country.  Meanwhile in Europe one of the aviation pioneers is the UK.  So that’s loud and clear why Universitas Indonesia and Coventry University UK

The development of commercial aviation from the business side will greatly develop in the future along with the shifting in world economic growth from the Atlantic to the Indian and Pacific Ocean. Indonesia needs a lot of experts in  aviation, especially in the business management and leadership. It should be noted, however, that during the development of passenger growth reaching up to 15% per year a few years ago, a lot of financial profits still flowed out of the country.   Buying, renting aircraft, insurance, aircraft maintenance , overhaul and the need for spare parts of the aircraft are mostly coming from  other state companies.

Thus, to answer all these challenges, it is hoped that the MM-MBA Program of Universitas Indonesia in collaboration with Coventry University UK can play an important role in helping the government’s efforts to improve the Aviation Industry in Indonesia.

Education is the passport to the future,  and tomorrow only belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Let’s listen to the next presentation which will explain more about what and how the joint program between Universitas Indonesia and Coventry University United Kingdom will run,

Please enjoy the presentation,

That is all and thank you very much for your attention.  Stay Healthy and Stay Safe

Jakarta  26 Oktober 2020


(catatan, talking paper ini rencananya akan disampaikan pada tanggal 26 Oktober yang lalu, namun berhubung sesuatu hal pada pelaksanaannya dibatalkan).



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